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Post-doctoral position: Closed-loop adaptive Neuromodulation

The LTSI-INSERM 1099 laboratory in Rennes, France ( offers a post-doctorate possition in the fields of signal processing, electronics and control within the ANR AdaptVNS project. This project is funded by the French National Agency for Research (ANR) and driven by the INSERM-1099 LTSI, in collaboration with INSERM U1106 Marseille.

Background: VNS is an approved clinical treatment for medically refractory epilepsy and depression. More recently, it has been proposed as a promising therapeutic approach for other pathologies, such as heart failure, cardiac arrhythmias and autoimmune diseases. However, for all these established or potential applications, one of the main difficulties encountered is the definition of an effective therapy while minimizing the side effects. The definition of an optimal VNS is a particularly complex problem, since each stimulation is characterized by several parameters and delivered by different electrode configurations. Current VNS technology is applied using fixed parameters. Our team has proposed a series of methods for applying closed loop VNS, which can now be adapted to chronic applications. In addition, current electrode technologies provide low spatial resolution for stimulation and low signal-to-noise ratio for neuronal recording, also limiting the development of advanced VNS.

Objective: The main objective of the AdaptVNS project is therefore to propose new methods of data processing and new electrode technologies, allowing such a closed-loop and subject-specific optimization. Although the methods and technologies proposed in this project are generic, a second objective is to explore, through pre-clincial experimentation, the utility of the proposed system for the prevention of sudden and unexpected death in patients with epilepsy (SUDEP).

\Profile: The candidate should have a solid background in the field of signal processing, electronic or control, as well as programming capabilities in Matlab, Labview and C ++. Experience in the field of health technologies will be considered positively but is not mandatory.

Location / Duration / Start Date:
Rennes / 12 months / June 2021 (can be adapted depending on availability)

The candidate will need to provide a cover letter, a CV including a complete list of publications, a summary of past research work and, at a minimum, one letter of reference.

Alfredo I. HERNANDEZ. Research Director at INSERM.\\
LTSI - University of Rennes 1, INSERM-1099
Alfredo.Hernandez [at]