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Le mercredi 14 Décembre, à 14h, Madame Sahar Allouch soutient sa thèse intitulée: "Analytical variability in electroencephalography-based functional brain networks estimation", devant le jury composé de: 

Jury members:
- Tomas ROS, Researcher, University of Geneva
- Imad ELHAJJ, Professor, American University of Beirut
- Claudio BABILONI, Professor, University of Italy
- Camille Maumet, Researcher, Inria, Rennes
Julien MODOLO, Researcher, University of Rennes 1
Mohammad KHALIL, Professor, Lebanese University
- Mahmoud Hassan, Researcher and founder of MINDig, Adjunct professor, Reykjavik University
- Aya Kabbara, Researcher, Lebanese Association for Scientific Research, MINDig